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SAT Math 1 and 2

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Overview of the SAT Math Content

SAT Math 1
Numbers and Operations 
Ratio and Proportions, Counting Elementary Number Theory
Complex Numbers, Matrices, Sequence 
Algebra and Functions
Expressions, Equations, Inequalities
Representation and Modeling
Properties of Functions (linear, polynomial, rational exponential)
Geometry and Measurement
Plane Euclidean
 Coordinate (Lines, Parabolas, Circles, Symmetry Transformations)
Three-dimensional (Solids, Surface Area and Volume)
Trigonometry: (Right Triangles, Identities)
Data Analysis, Stats, and Probability
Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Interquartile Range Graphs and Plots
Least Squares Regression, Probability

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SAT Math 2
Numbers and Operations
Operations, Ratio and Proportions, Complex Numbers Counting, Elementary Number Theory, Matrices Sequences, Series, Vectors
Algebra and Functions 
Expressions, Equations, inequalities, Representation and Modeling 
Properties of Functions (Linear, Polynomial, Rational Exponential, Logarithmic, Trigonometric, Inverse Trigonometric, Periodic, Piecewise Recursive, Parametric)

Geometry and Measurement

Coordinate (Lines, Parabolas, Circles, Ellipses, Hyperbolas, Symmetry
Transformations, Polar Coordinates)
 Three-dimensional (Solids, Surface Area and Volume of Cylinders, Cones, Pyramids Spheres and Prisms along with Coordinates in Three Dimensions)
Trigonometry: (Right Triangles, Identities, Radian Measure Law of Cosines, Law of Sines, Equations Double Angle Formulas)
Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Interquartile Range, Standard Deviation, Graphs and Plots, Least Squares Regression 
(Linear, Quadratic, Exponential), Probability

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Decay:  The value of a certain machine has an annual decay factor of 0.75. If the       
                  machine is worth $10,000 after 5 years, what was the original value of the

  The machine will decay exponentially as in radioactive elements.
  Therefore, applying the Exponential Decay Formula:
  y = abx
  where y = the final amount, a = the original value, b the decay factor,
  and x the time in years.
                           By substitution, 10,000 = (a)(0.75)5
                                                       10,000 = (a)(0.2373)
                                                                 a =  10000
                                                                    =  42,140.75
 Answer: $42,140.75
  Radicals: Simplify √50 + √2 - 2√18 + √8.
  50 + √2 - 2√18 + √8 = √(25 x 2) + √2 - 2√(9 x 2) + √(4 x 2) 
                                          = 5√2 + √2 - (2 x 3)√2 + 2√2
                                          = 6√2 - 6√2 + 2√2
                                          = 2√2
Answer: 2√2

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