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Overview of the ACT Math Content

Factors , Square roots and approximations , Absolute value and ordering numbers by value
Exponents, Scientific notation.
Elementary Algebra
Exponents and square roots, Evaluation of algebraic expressions through substitution
Using variables to express functional relationships, Algebraic operations
Factoring and quadratic equations
Intermediate Algebra
Quadratic formula, Rational and radical expressions, Absolute value equations and inequalities
Sequences and patterns, Polynomials, Complex numbers
Coordinate Geometry
Graphs and their relations with equations including points, lines, polynomials, circles, and other curves
Graphing inequalities, Slope, Parallel and perpendicular lines, Distance; midpoints; and conics
Plane Geometry
Angles and relations among perpendicular and parallel lines
Properties of circles, triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids, Transformations
Proof and proof techniques, Volume,  Three-dimensional Geometry
Trigonometric relations in right triangles, Values and properties of trigonometric functions
Graphing trigonometric functions, Modeling using trigonometric functions
Solving trigonometric equations

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Trigonometric Equations: Solve the equation, 2sin²θ - sinθ = 0
 This is a Quadratic Equation as in 2x² - x = 0 
                                        By factorization, Sinθ(2sinθ - 1) = 0
                                                So, sinθ = 0 and 2sinθ - 1 = 0 
                    When sinθ = 0, angle θ = 0º, 180º and 360º 
   Also, for 2sinθ - 1 = 0
                 sinθ = 0.5. Angle θ = 30º and 150º

      Answer: Solutions of θ are 0º, 30º, 150º, 180º and 360º

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