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 Geometry Calculations - Downloads Only (for Windows) - $14.99
Application will calculate for you while giving an understanding of each topic.

Congruent Triangles, Similar Triangles, Area of Triangle, Perimeter of Triangle
RATIO and PROPORTIONS, Equation of a Circle, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines
Pythagorean Theorem, RADIANS, ARCS and SECTORS, Length of an Arc, Area of a Sector
PLANE FIGURES, SOLID FIGURES, The Square, Rectangle, Triangles, Circle, Trapezoid
Parallelogram, Prisms, Square Prism, Rectangular Prism, Right Circular Cylinder
Sphere, Pyramids, Square Pyramid, Triangular Pyramid, Cone
THE STRAIGHT LINE, Complementary Angles, Supplementary Angles, Adjacent Angles
Vertically Opposite Angles, Alternate Angles, Corresponding Angles, Mid-point of a straight line
Slope of a straight line, Length of a straight line, Graphs of a straight line, Equation of a straight line, Polygons
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Electronic Textbooks
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Challenging Problems in Geometry  Schaum's Outline of Geometry, 4ed  Practice Makes Perfect Geometry  Geometry  Famous Problems of Geometry and How to Solve Them  High School Geometry Unlocked

Paperback Textbooks (New and Used)

Schaum's Outlines: Geometry  Challenging Problems in Geometry  Geometry  Geometry  Problems in Geometry  Sourcebook of Problems for Geometry 21327

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